EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES...While in the process of writing my new children’s book: “Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows; Annie Oxidant finds the path to Healthy foods”,  I was thinking about the storyline which involves a little girl, Annie Oxidant and her dog Phyto. They like rainbows and follow one looking for treasure. The rainbow, much to their disappointment, ends at a produce stand but the friendly farmer, Brock O’Lee, assures them, “That IS the treasure. You can eat a rainbow!”  Annie’s neighbor, Rudy Baga, questions that and the rest of the story is about Brock O’Lee taking them to the garden and orchard to explain the importance of eating a rainbow diet of fruits and vegetables.

I was doing some sketching for the book and watching TV at the same time. Earlier that day, I had seen a bumper sticker advocating “Save the Whales”. One of the “Eat more Chikin” ads came on and it occurred to me there might be another way for the cows to divert attention from eating beef… One that would also garner support from “Chikins”.   I decided to add it to the book without reference to the sign in the narrative.  I was sure the adult reading the book would “get it” and it might start some interesting conversations if the child asked what it meant.  Kinda like instead of “Where do babies come from” to “Where do burgers come from?”  One of my goals in the book was to help the child understand where food comes from.

The book info can be viewed at my website:

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